Textbooks have become pretty expensive, not all that high end but pricey enough when you are on a tight budget. Plus, they are not always up to date even if newer editions are published on a regular basis; we live in a fast paced world. 

However, modern technology has granted us a means of dealing with those frustrations. When they use open textbooks, instructors can constantly provide students with information that will most benefit them. And this website http://www.computerasguide.com presents two examples of these offerings.

Writing Research Papers

One of them - Writing Research Papers In A Facebook Age  provides guidelines that can help you transition from the writing that dominates Social Media to the style that is acceptable when you write term papers.

Following these guidelines can make it easier for you to conduct research, expand your words, organize a List of References Cited and - possibly most important of all - avoid grammatical errors. 



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Learning About Cities

Cities are made of brick, mortar and steel. So, observers might conclude that they enjoy permanence. However, truth be known, they are constatnly being pushed one way and the other by economic, social and political forces. 

As the world whirls around it, a city  which is at the top of its form one minute might fall into a downward spiral shortly thereafter. The  second booklet - Urban Studies: Like Your Garden, Cities Grow and Wither with the Winds - understand these cycles.


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